• 9 months ago

    Cat Problem

    I adopted a hoarder house cat two years ago. She was approximately
    two years old at that time. Eight weeks ago she suddenly refused to
    jump and develop[ed a head tilt (to her left) and would stumble whe
    she walked. She sleeps in a dark walk-in closet 23/7. Good news is
    she eats, drinks water and uses her potty box. Bad news is I can't
    get near her. It is as if she doesn't know who I am and seems very
    confused. I know you cannot diagnose over the phone, fax or email.
    But, if you receive this email I have her medical records and can
    forwar themit to you. I am praying this is not another put down
    situation. Thank you very much for your help. Katherine F. Laursen