• 9 months ago

    What could it be?

    About 3weeks ago it appeared as a scab and started to grow not rapidly, very slowly. It 2 weeks there was a bump and we went to doctor. He shaved the spot and prescribed antibiotic for 7-10 days and need to come back in a month if nothing drastically changes. Will do biopsy after a month if it doesn’t go away. It’s red and could be bloody if you try to squeeze it. It’s like a pimple. There was no hair loss. It didn’t grow much but a little bit only. My dog is 3 years old and not acting any strange, very normal behavior. When I noticed that like scab or insect bite in the beginning my dog didn’t even noticed it and were not licking it. We have a plastic collar around her neck for the last 8 days and if I try to remove it, she goes right in there to lick it. Does it look like a tumor? Or it could be a scab or insect bite? I would appreciate any suggestions! Can I post a picture here??? That would be awesome!