• 9 months ago

    Dog itching/biting sores

    Both my dogs are scratching and biting themselves like crazy. All our vet said was she probably has fleas. But neither of them does! We have bathed them with special shampoo from the vet, used oatmeal conditioner and checked for ticks/fleas. They don’t have any on them. My retriever/shepherd dog is older and gets really bad sores from her biting and itching. I’ve shaved the area to let it air, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Which is why they are so itchy to begin with?! Anybody have advice or solutions? The sore looks like a hotspot which she’s had before. But the problem is the constant biting and scratching.


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Dog itching/biting sores

    Your dog may have pruritus, which may lick its skin, bite or over-scratch. You can take your dog to see a veterinarian and seek a therapeutic food. The food change will greatly alleviate the dog's pruritus.