• 9 months ago

    Repeated intestinal distress in my dog

    My dog, who is about 5 years old, and who has always been a very healthy dog has in the past 3.5 weeks gotten sick 3 times.
    Each time she throws up several times 5-8x, is obviously in intestinal distress, walks in circles, stretches neck and body and cant remain lying down for more than a few seconds before getting back up again to pace. She luckily is drinking water but wont eat.
    The first time it lasted 48 hours before she started to eat again and started to get back to her old frolicking self. Today she is on the middle of her 3rd incidence which started late last night/early this am after eating healthily for dinner at 7pm.....cant seem to figure a common cause for each of the 3 times and am wondering how to proceed....dont want this to happen again anytime soon!