• 7 days ago

    Yorkie Hindlegs Can't Support Weight

    We have been to three different vets, but none can come to a conclusive diagnosis.

    Our three-year-old Yorkie started dragging her hindleg a few days back. Now she can't stand at all. Her legs are all fully mobile, she kicks like normal, and is full of energy and is always alert. She doesn't seem to be in pain. Her ears and tail are always upright. But no matter how hard she kicks her hindlegs, she can't stand. If you hold up her butt, she can walk. Otherwise, she can't.

    To defecate, she scoots around on her belly, leaving her poop behind.

    She can't bark either—it comes out as a squeak.

    The vets suspect some sort of nerve issue, since her x-rays and CBC came out clean. We fear some sort of spinal stroke, but that's just speculation.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?