• 6 months ago

    Dog is having very soft stools, losing weight and needs to poop shortly after eating

    Species: Dog

    Age: 2.5 years old

    Sex/Neuter Status: Female, spayed

    Breed: Gerberian Shepsky

    Body weight: 41 lbs

    History: No prior health issues

    Clinical signs: Soft stools/diarrhea. Less active now compared to before problem started.

    Duration: ~5 weeks

    My dog has been acting up for a while now. She’s been eating the same food for a long time and now all of a sudden, as soon as she’s done eating her food she has to go out and poop. The consistency is very soft and sometimes it’s liquid. I put her on a beef and rice diet mixed with red elm powder (to firm the stool) for 10 days as told my the vet the first time I went to visit him. Now she is back to eating her normal food and another food (provided by the vet) to help her gain weight back. She has had prescribed powder to firm up her poop and also medication for worms/parasites. I went again to the vet recently and had a stool test done but there was nothing to be found. Now she is losing a few pounds a week. What could be causing this?