• over 1 year ago

    GSD Lethargic and barely eating.

    I just started noticing these symptoms the other day. My GSD (1 year old) is turning his nose to a lot of things he'd normally eat in a heartbeat and is keeps wanting to go outside but all he's doing is laying down out there. He is drinking water (not too much) his stool is solid and looks okay. As far as vomit is concerned he has only vomited once and I think it was from the grass he was eating but I'm not completely certain(We don't put fertilizer on our lawn if that helps). His gums didn't appear to be very pale and his eyes looked okay as well. I took him to the vet office today and he has lost around 6 lbs. They are keeping him over night and I am very worried about him, if anyone could help explain what may be wrong with him that would be great. Thank you.