• 2 months ago

    older male Boxer and sudden hearing loss.

    My Boxer, had and ear infection about 2 months ago. It was determined to be a yeast, and numerous by count bacterial infection. He was prescriber antibiotic drop to use for 2-3 week twice daily. My husband noticed he not responding to normal interactions, or seaming to not hear, certain noises. The door bell could ring, and that normally sends him barking to the door and now he will just lay unaffected on the couch. I am concerned that this may be permanent, and want to know if there is anything I could do to lessen and/or improve his hearing . I saw some thing about using Turremic and coconut oil, but I know the internet will make plenty of suggestions. Any input would be greatly appreciated. He is in over all good health, and is 9 yrs, old, male fawn Boxer. Thank you!