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    Elderly cat constantly overgrooms this particular spot

    Good morning,

    Our elderly cat, Lucy has developed a habit of picking at a particular spot on her spine near her back until it’s bare. She’s currently 15 years and a half. We rescued her roughly a year ago from a cat shelter in a very bad condition. She was incredibly stressed at the shelter and therefore, was dirty and pulling her fur out to the point that she was half-bald when we got her (hence we don’t know when this problem really began).

    However, after our care, she has calmed down and settled in our home flawlessly and her hair grew back although still patchy in some areas (including this area in particular). Over the next year, we would see this spot regrew just for her to pull it out at some random time. Sometimes she will go months without pulling them out but inevitably does it eventually. We’re at our wits’ ends and had brought her twice to the vets for this specific problem to no success. Per advide from our vets, we experimented with mites, flea treatments, Feliway, bitter spray and discouraging her everytime we caught her to little avail. The last time we mentioned it they said they would need to do a skin biopsy next after all else has failed and this will probably mean a lot of money not just for the procedure but the next stage of treatment. It’s also important to note that this spot doesn’t seem to bother her much – i.e: no pain and she would let us touch it or even dig around for fleas. She’s still eating and drinking and just as mobile when she wasn’t picking at it.

    Being students, we really cannot afford more of this, on top of other expenses for her other issues (on a urinary diet for bladder crystals. We also suspected she had some form of arthritis). So if this is indeed a concerning issue, we might have no choice but return her to her shelter which is a no-kill shelter so she can get the medical care she needs – althoguh we would very much like to avoid this situation if possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    We are very concerned about our Lucy.


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    RE: Elderly cat constantly overgrooms this particular spot

    First, thx for being a rescuer..especially of a senior cat. I have seen this issue in several cats of friends and family and it is difficult to determine the cause so a biopsy is probably the route to go. I wld suggest you ask your vet for a payment plan or find one that will accept it. A good vet shld be willing to do this for a costly procedure. Also, there is a credit card called Care Credit that has 0% or very low interest for 6 or more months with small paymts... check if your vet accepts it and with what terms. I have used it for years for large vet bills.
    For medications, I don't buy at office. You can get a prescription from vet and possibly fill them using GoodRx (free) or GoodRx Gold (10 a month) at a participating pharmacy. At a participating CVS (not all CVS stores participate) I get 3 bottles my cat's eye drops for $60 instead of $150 at vet. There is another card ..Watertree Health..that may also cover pet meds. I have heard from a vet technician that Amazon is also a source for savings. Good luck!