• 6 months ago

    RE: To all Horse People out there

    Having personally had Thorough Breds & Arabian horses, the first thing is always talking & assuring the horse that all is OK - TRUST.

    "Spooking" from what? Car noises? Plastic bags flying past? Movement in grass when riding out in paddock/trial rides? Can you be more specific?
  • 5 months ago

    RE: To all Horse People out there

    Note what area's of the trails cause him to spook then take him out there and work with him in front of that area.......walk him back and forth many times and reward him each time he does it successfully. He just needs to get used to the different scenario's. If you can replicate it at your arena, start the training there and then continue the same on the trail by his "spooking spots". A cut up apple in cubes makes a great reward for each time he is successful!