• over 1 year ago

    Senior pet, upset stomach, diet change

    Hello, I have a 9 year old Vizsla. About 6 months ago she started vomiting at night, mostly just bile, sometimes her dinner. The vet put her on some royal canin and said to give her an acid reducer twice a day. It worked for a bit and I switched her back to Iams, kept her on the acid reducer. The vomiting started again and they said to feed her some food closer to bed time. That helped for a bit and now she is vomiting again at night, this time a little bit of the late night food is in there.

    Lately she hasn't seemed that interested in the Iams. I put Royal Canin in the bowl and she just devours it, I mix it and she selects out the Royal Canin and leaves the Iams.

    Obviously my gut (and brain) says switch her to royal canin and the acid reducer and see how that holds up.

    I just want to know, am I missing something here? Is it normal for her to not necessarily lose her appetite after so long, but start to hate her old food? Does she know it doesn't make her feel well?