• 6 months ago

    Dog at small rib bone

    My dog ate a small part of a rib bone, the very end, about the size of a quarter and likely still had some meat on it. I caught her in the middle of eating it and stopped her from doing the whole bone, upon reading online I fed her a piece of bread to help protect her stomach. She did this last night and has been acting fine since then until tonight. She pooped solid this morning, has been eating and drinking fine, playing like normal, and no vomiting. Tonight during her last time out she pooped and had a small solid part followed by some diahrea with a small amount of blood. She followed that up with another small amount of diahrea. I let her out one more time and she had another small amount of diahrea. Im concerned for obvious reasons, but not sure what to do before I can talk to my vet in the morning. I called the local emergency vet and they said to just watch for vomiting and abnormal behavior.

    Similarly, anyone have ideas how to keep a dog from eating food on countertop?