• 6 months ago

    Undiagnosedable Husky

    Hoping and praying someone here can share some insight on what could be going on with my husky Maverick. About a week ago we noticed back leg weakness causing him to become unstable. The only thing I could compare it to was he looked a little drunk. He was falling all over the place. He has no other symptoms otherwise. Happy as can be, eating and drinking fine, just can’t stand up straight. We took him to our vet who did labs which came back normal. He suggested vertigo but didn’t know. We took him to a neurologist who preformed an MRI and spinal tap. The spinal tap was normal but the mri showed inflammation in the left side of his brain. The neurologist said she wasn’t able to make a solid diagnosis but she wanted to treat him as if he had an autoimmune diesease. The treatments are injections that she compared to chemo priced at $200 a piece and she wants to do 16 treatments. We’ve already taken out a $4000 loan to pay for the MRI. My husband is in the military and I’m a receptionist so money is not exactly abundant but he’s our baby so we’re trying everything we can. I was hoping for find someone else who has gone through this and maybe get your story and ask a few questions. ANY insight is helpful and thank you all in advance.