• 11 days ago

    potty training a 8 month puppy

    I have a puppy that we have been try to house train for 2 months now that's when we got her and some times she seems to get the right idea and then there are the times she doesn't we take her out constantly to make sure she gets the idea and she does her thing we make sure to praise her for it to but then she comes in and pee's on my bed and does number 2 on it and we are constantly washing our bed linens and trying to deodorize the mattress I'm all but ready to take her to the pound but I don't want to she is a sweet puppy .


  • 10 days ago

    RE: potty training a 8 month puppy

    Hi At what age did you get her? I know how hard it is but its all down to perseverance with her, its all down to getting her in a routine and keeping to it, if she is left alone some of it could be down to separation anxiety and your bed smells of you.

    Its a very hard thing to get right, but you must just keep at it, and try not to get mad at her.

  • 3 days ago

    RE: potty training a 8 month puppy

    One thing to try is giving puppy treats when he goes outside and praise him. Have you tried a crate when you are not home? Should not put a puppy not housebroken with access to your bed. or at least confine it to an area say in the kitchen or something. Also check with local pet supply stores as many offer puppy training and it would be worth it to get a potty trained dog. Please don't bring it to the pound, please...