• 11 months ago

    Early riser

    Our one year old pup is up and needing to relieve herself at 3am everyday. No matter how late we take her out the nite before, how do we get her schedule changed to a later time.


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Early riser

    When you let her out how long is it usually for? Do you you walk her around or let her explore? We had a similar problem with our dog and what we found is that he really didn't need to go to the bathroom at all, he just wanted to go out and walk around and we were basically enabling the behavior. This is definitely not to say that your dog doesn't actually have to go out. We started taking him out on the leash when he would wake us up instead of just opening the door and letting him roam. Then it was pee and come immediately back in so he learned this wasn't a leisure stroll. We also took up his water bowl earlier in the evening in case he was just drinking a boatload of water before bed. Also, make sure you give her plenty of exercise during the day. Our trainer said our dog's behavior was mostly born of boredom. Hopefully something in here helps!