• 6 months ago

    our dog Molly

    Molly was an 9yr old ***-a-poo & was diagnosed with Cushing's & a heart murmur after tests about 4 wks ago, we lost her on the 5th wk after starting her (9 yr ) Vet's med's (Vetmedin & Trilostane for the heart. The vet gave no indication that she was that ill or things to watch for! he always said she needed to loose weight, with her pot belly, We know we did not over feed her and he never said her pot belly was sign of Cushing's. If he new about Cushing's he should have started meds yrs earlier.

    Please be careful when you chose a Vet for your pet, If your not happy find another one!

    We loved are sweet Molly & miss her..... Mom & Dad 12/4/18