• My healthy dog is suddenly having Panic Attacks or Racing heart.

    My 10 year old American Bulldog just started heavy panting and quivering suddenly, two weeks ago. She is very healthy. I know as we have now spent a lot of money at the ER (part of UC Davis) and Vet. She has had all tests done. Blood, urine, ultra sounds, xrays, EKG, seen a cardiologist, and internal medicine doc. All test came back fine, perfect. Her heart was beating rapidly though, 150-180. When she slept they saw it jump to 200. She is being monitored for heart rate with a vest. We get the results today for the heart. Cardiologist did not think she had a heart problem but checking now with the vest. Two weeks ago, the neighbor cat that comes to play in our yard all the time with our daughter, did come in our house the night before our dog started acting weird. My dog grew up with cats though. The next night, my dog started heavy panting, running from room to room, seemed scared. We went to the ER etc.. she was fine. We thought maybe she was in pain, but now they do not think so, maybe from arthritis. Now in the past two weeks, she is having panting episodes every few days and now everyday. She seems to get excited when someone comes in the house, and she is going room to room and wants to lay on our beds. She never ever did this before. She does not want to be alone. She is still sweet as ever. Calm most of the time, but then will start panting, like she is scared. I am thinking to get her a vest, thunder vest. But, what is it? She looks like she is getting maybe cateracts or blind a little.. and she is a bit deaf suddenly. So maybe she is scared for that? Or she is getting dog dementia? We are lost. Ideas?


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    RE: My healthy dog is suddenly having Panic Attacks or Racing heart.

    It's so hard when our dogs aren't themselves and they just can't tell us why, isn't it? I think it's good that you have brought her to the vet and had all the testing done even if they don't seem to find anything -- at least you know what it's not. I will say that when my first dog started going blind she started acting agitated, was panting a lot like you say your dog is doing and was just all around nervous acting (she was always on the nervous side but this was more extreme). Our vet gave us some sort of calming drops to give her that seemed to help. Have you told your vet about your theory yet?
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    RE: My healthy dog is suddenly having Panic Attacks or Racing heart.

    try this you might be shocked when you find out that dogs are very aware of spiritual sightings. how old is your home and do you have any history about the property? before id take the dog to the vet, id check this out first. I'm fairly educated on the subject, I was raised in a haunted house.
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    RE: My healthy dog is suddenly having Panic Attacks or Racing heart.

    My 13 yr old 10 lb schnauzer started the same thing and we found out she now has a heart murmur due to old age and also has dementia. Oue Kasey was always the sweetest little girl and then she got very nervous a lot and would pace and whine, she is now 14 and is on blood pressure meds for her heart rate. Hope this helps