• over 1 year ago

    Could my dog be depressed?

    My border collie mix will be 15 next month. We are very, very close.
    Between my part time job (8-12 hours per week, normally), medical appointments, and picking up my nieces and nephew from school once or twice a week, I’m gone from my doggy more than I want.

    When I arrive home, I always greet my dog with pets and kisses and lots of telling her how much I lover. She seems to be happy - she wags her tail and seems receptive to the pets and kisses.

    But then, when I sir in my chair to relax a little, she is often sitting with her back to me. If I call her name and tell her I love her she turns her head to look at me for a minute but then turns back and just stares at the wall.

    I feel so bad. I love her so much and I want her to be happy.

    I must add that she absolutely loves going for rides in our van - we go at least twice a day - regardless of my schedule- I always fit our rides in. When we are riding around, she seems just fine.

    Does anyone think she may sit with her back to me to let me know she is upset that I’m gone too much?