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    This is about my dog bear who is a purebred black lab about 10 years old

    This morning bear woke up and got off from my daughter's bed which is about 3/4 feet from the floor and when he did he instantly started to land on one of his front paws by this afternoon he can barely walk or put any pressure on both of his front paws I had given him a baby aspirin and I am just curious if anybody has any solutions that might help him because unfortunately right now I am in a real Financial behind and cannot afford hundreds of dollars in vet bills but there is like one of my own children and I will do everything I can to make him feel better


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    RE: This is about my dog bear who is a purebred black lab about 10 years old

    I know exactly how you feel. Vet bills can pile up so quickly and you want to do everything you can because they are members of your family but sometimes the money just isn't there. We are going through something similar with my dog's back leg and just don't have the $4,000 needed for surgery. Have you tried touching his legs? Does it hurt him if you gently squeeze them? It would be good to rule out a break or anything of the sort that would definitely need vet attention. It could be a sprain or a muscle pull. Hard to know exactly. You could try icing the legs or maybe a heating pad on a very low setting. Massage could also help if he isn't in too much pain.

    Has he been diagnosed with arthritis? I have my dog on a glucosamine supplement and it has really helped his achy joints. They have joint supplements that aren't too expensive at Target or Petsmart. I order mine from Amazon.

    I hope it's just a short-term injury and that he's back to normal soon!
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        Good questions above - if it is arthritis or other joint issues, there's also the option of getting an orthopedic dog bed. There are a lot out there, from big pads to bolstered sides, with memory foam; it's one way to try to do preventative care, especially for a dog that has already gotten hurt jumping down off of a bed once.