• over 2 years ago

    Cat Food Change Question

    Hello. I have two 17 year old cats, a male and a female. My male cat (Pilate) was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He also has the beginning stages of renal disease and a sore tooth. The vet said that normally they’d pull the tooth but because of all of the other factors they don’t think it’s wise to sedate him. So I’ve switched him to wet food from the dry food he’s eaten his entire life (Iams, most recently the Mature Cat variety).
    The thing is I’ve always just left the dry food out for my cats to eat whenever they feel like it. I can’t do that with the wet food, one because it will spoil, two because my female cat (Newt) who’s still on dry, would eat most of it. I originally thought I’d just feed him when he meowed at me that he was hungry. However, because he’s used to eating a bit now, a bit later, etc, that’s proving to be like ten times a day. But I’m worried that if I move him to a twice a day schedule that he’ll be walking around hungry all the time. I already feel horrible over his cancer and the fact that he feels like he always needs to use the litter box and that there’s nothing I can do to help him with that (per the vet).
    Is there a better way to make this change; not just from dry to wet but from constantly available food to scheduled feedings?
    Btw, I still leave Newt’s dry food out for her. After switching to wet Pilate won’t even sniff at it.
    Thank you for any advice.