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    I rescued my blue nose pit at 4 weeks old she is now 10 months. I have been battling her mange this entire time. I need help all my vet has done is tell me that this Revolution medicine that I put on her once a month is supposed to cure her. Of course this is after the 100’s and 100’s I’ve spent on other things he thought might work. I feel bad for her and needless to say I can’t handle it anymore. She smells if I don’t bathe her every other day. Her skin itches and her eyes are blood red today. Idk what else to do. I feed her very well. Mostly pure protein. Please someone help me. For some reason my pictures won’t load ?? Please someone help me for my girl.


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    RE: Mange

    Hi Try this its coconut oil, its great at killing infections of all kinds, and wont break the bank, and if she licks it off it wont hurt her.

    It can help improve your dog's coat, eliminates dog odor, helps aid your dog's digestion, prevent infection, promotes wound healing and much more. To treat mange, pour and liberally apply the coconut oil in the mange infected areas, especially wherever your dog is scratching the most.

    Found you a couple more on earthclinic.com


    Boric acid ask for it at your chemist at the dispensing counter, its cheap to buy, well it is here in Greece, your get the best stuff that way.

    This next link has a few just keep going down.