• 10 months ago

    My dog gets sick in March every year..

    We have lived in three different states in three years. Each episode has been in a different state with multiple changes to the her diet. She gets violently ill starting with vomiting. Then symptoms progress to diarrhea. After three days without medical care eventually she will start ejecting black blood from her anus and becomes almost completely immobile not eating or drinking even with attempts at spoon feeding water or food. From past experiences we have learned the only way she gets better is via hospitalization for a few days with an IV drip. This has happened in March almost to the day the last two years and is now happening again. Vets have not been able to diagnose her with a concrete diagnosis other than it's a certain "Bacteria in the intestines" they think. We have had xrays, ultrasounds, bloodwork.. The whole nine yards.. We are going broke trying to help her. Our bills are coming close to eight thousand on her in the last few years. Please any information would be appreciated.. I cannot find anyone with a similar case on the web.


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    RE: My dog gets sick in March every year..

    Wow! I am so sorry to hear that you and your dog are having to go through this. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I've never heard of anything like this. It sounds like you've already gone the route of food or outside allergies which would be my first guess, but it's certainly strange that it only happens in March. Have you reached out to any dog gastrointestinal specialists? It could be possible they may have more of an idea of what could be going on than just your regular vet.
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    My number one guess would be that something she's eating outside. Be it grass, mushrooms, weeds, she's attracted to them and consumes them but they make her violently ill. I wouldn't let her outside alone, personally. I'd watch her like a hawk to see what it is she's doing outside.