• 30 days ago

    Chocolate Lab Dog

    Our 3 year old lab got hold of a partial corn cob, from workers outside our home. Three days after consuming, he vomited yellow bile and a portion of the cob. Today, he vomited again; clear liquid. Appetite has been fair since the incident. Is there any danger to his health?


  • 29 days ago

    RE: Chocolate Lab Dog

    My dogs accidentally ate corn cobs one time and did the same thing. They were ok after about 1 day
  • 25 days ago

    RE: Chocolate Lab Dog

    You should take him to the vet for a belly x-ray so he's not obstructing any part of his digestive track. It's a simple process and not painless and will give you piece of mind that he's ok. Good Luck.
  • 18 days ago

    RE: Chocolate Lab Dog

    My dog has eaten all sorts of things and been fine, but it's always best to get the opinion of your vet before making a wait and see decision. Most of the time my vet is able to make a 'yes you need to come in now' decision or a 'let's monitor him closely' decision over the phone with a description of his symptoms.

    Has he been pooping fine? Drinking normal amounts of water? You say his appetite has been fair...does that mean he has less interest in food? What about his activity level?

    I'd call the vet just to be safe.
  • RE: Chocolate Lab Dog

    It's time to go to the vet.
  • 10 days ago

    RE: Chocolate Lab Dog

    How's your dog doing? I used to feed my labs the corn cobs from dinner all the time, never had a problem. Chances are something else he ate is what upset his stomach, but was curious to find out how he's doing and what the vet said.