• over 2 years ago

    Obese cat gets sick off of wet food

    I have a female cat named August. She’s about to turn 6, she’s spayed, and she’s really obese. Her non-biological cat sister Geneva is turning 9 this year and maintains a normal weight. I’ve been really concerned about August’s weight, I’m terrified she will get diabetes or have a heart attack. When I weighed her about a month and a half ago she was at 19.2 lbs, now she’s at 21.2. I had taken her off of dry food for a while, partly for her weight and partly for her recurring UTI’s, but when she is on an all wet or primarily wet diet she will randomly get terrible diarrhea, which she then spreads ALL over the house as she in unable to clean herself. There was a period where she seemed to slowly be losing a little weight on the canned food diet (I know it’s dangerous for them to lose it quickly), but now it seems I’m unable to continue feeding it to her and it breaks my heart watching her get fatter and fatter off this all carb dry food diet. She limps sometimes from what I’m assuming is weight induced arthritis, and I have to follow her around with a stool so she can jump on things. I don’t want her on all dry food. But my parents have made it clear That if she keeps spreading poop around the house she will go outside. What should I do, just decrease her dry food intake? I’m seriously terrified she will have diabetes soon. Please help.