• 11 months ago

    My dog is waking up screaming!?

    My dog is a chihuahua, He's about 11 years old and has been pretty healthy throughout the years besides some back problems in the past.

    Although just recently these past months he has woken up around 2am, making a long shrieking whining noise while laying on his side.
    the first time he got up, started gagging, then suddenly screamed and froze up. the second time he woke me up but was on his side.

    He sleeps with me on my bed every night so he wakes me up and scares the daylights out of me. While he's whining ill try to wake him up saying his name and telling him its ok, when i pick him up to hold him he waves his paws around as if hes falling and once hes in my arms he shakes and wakes up, then just looks around calmly.

    ill set him back down and he'll just go back to sleep as normal. I'm not sure if this is just a nightmare or if this could be some type of health issue. Because when he's doing this his eyes are wide open as if he's awake? Is this anything I should be concerned about or is he just having nightmares? I need to know because im worried about him and dont want to wake up to that terrifying scream anymore.


  • 10 months ago

    RE: My dog is waking up screaming!?

    I just joined theses message boards today & saw your post. Has your dog continued doing this? It could be nightmares but I wonder if maybe it's some kind of seizure disorder?
      • 10 months ago
        A seizure disorder was my first guess too. My dog has absence seizures where he is seemingly awake and staring off into space, but if you try to call his name it's like he can't hear you. Luckily, his seizures are few and far between. He doesn't have any outside symptoms of pain though. There are many different kinds of seizures and your vet is the best person to make that diagnosis.
      • We all want a status update on your chihuahua baby. I wonder too, if it's some sort of night terror but I'm concerned that his age has something to do with it and it could be a seizure disorder or some sort of dementia induced problem
  • 10 months ago

    RE: My dog is waking up screaming!?

    You should take your little baby to the vet and have him examined. He could be having pain while sleeping causing him to wake up in a state - what is happening - which causes his screaming. He isn't having nightmares and only a vet can determine what's going on after an exam. Good Luck.