• 2 months ago

    Cat getting bald spot

    I have a female cat who is about 20-years old. She's in good health, has all her shots, etc. and was at the vet a couple of months ago.

    Lately, she's been losing fur on her back. It's not bald patches, but more like someone who is simply losing or getting very thin hair. This isn't an area she scratches or seems bothered by it. I've checked thoroughly, and don't see any parasites, etc., plus she stays indoors.

    Other than that and the fact when she meows it's almost like she's yelling, she's seem healthy, can move around, jump up to a chair or couch, and still likes to lay next to me and be petted.

    I'm just confused about this, and why she's losing her hair. Is it like an older person, getting bald? This seems to have started rather suddenly, and I'm not finding patches falling out, just thinning hair. Any ideas???


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Cat getting bald spot

    Wow 20 years old! That's an awesome milestone. Is she still eating well? I know that sometimes nutritional deficiencies in older animals can show up as hair loss. If she's eating like always and has been checked out for things like thyroid problems and parasites, then I would just chalk it up to age. I don't think even our pets can outrun thinning hair ;). You might want to bring it up with your vet just to be sure.