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    Tangees problems.

    My 14 year old Bengal male had recently started to use my sofa for his litter box. We have had him since he was a kitten and NEVER once did he even have an acciden. In recent months he has been losing weight and vomiting. We have take him to the Vet for the later, but he just stared with the sofa toilet.
    Could this be a sign of some kind of illness. I am worried sick. We have an appointment at the Vet but not for a few days. A quick response would be appreciated
    Thank you

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    RE: Tangees problems.

    It sounds like HyperThyrodism (sp?). There is a medication that can help. Have your vet check 3 things. First check for a Bladder Infection. Then, Hyperthyroidism and finally Renal Failure. I am dealing with and jave dealt with Hyperthyroidism in my Calleigh. Abb is suffering with Renal Failure. And my Tortie was just dx with Stomatitis. An auto immune disease where her body attacks, with a vengeance, the bacteria in her mouth and throat. Leaving huge blood sores. She is only 4. But she WAS an indoor / outdoor cat. Thats were the problem started. She would eat the leftovers from the stray i was feeding. The stray, who is also very sick now, left the virus on pieces of food. My cat ate it. Now she is sick. Thats how the vet explained it.
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        concerning the "mouth sores"; look for a "Vitamin enriched pellet formula"; make sure the first ingredient is not "corn"; begin giving this; Vitamin B2 prevents mouth sores; Folate helps; Vitamin K cures this:
        Give the daily pellets (I use Purina One) for about a month; this will help":
        add a few drops fish oil to the dry feed; then give outdoor cat the same";
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    RE: Tangees problems.

    this could be a "marking territory"; you have been taking the Cat to the Vet; this is stressing; the Cat is saying: "I want to stay here; not go to the Vet"; I bet if you do not take her to the Vet for awhile; he will stop "marking"; put two or three litter boxes around; put a couple of makeshift sleep/naps beds; your Cat might need a Senior diet;
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        your cat may also have Digestive problems; I would research a better feed; some cat feed add artificial colors; flavors; they upset the digestive system.
        go for the most natural food you can buy; try different ones to find best; :)
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    RE: Tangees problems.

    Hi , Just wanted to check in and see how you and your cat are doing. Were you able to get him to the vet?
  • RE: Tangees problems.

    Hi there! Hopefully by now you've gotten some answers from your veterinarian and your kitty is on the road to better health. From what you've posted it sounds like the symptoms of a couple of things. Hyperthyroidism is certainly one (I saw it was mentioned). The vomiting, weight loss ... and although this is very common in older cats, it's not as common in younger ones (although not impossible).
    The other is a UTI (Urinary tract infection) or possibly even bladder stones. This would certainly be a cause for the inappropriate urination that has come on suddenly. Both are very painful, and often times a cat will associate this pain/discomfort with the litter box, thus causing him/her to go elsewhere. If the infection is bad enough, it can also lead to vomiting, and eventually weight loss and even dehydration.

    How is your kitty doing?