• 9 months ago

    Cat has tremors when she lies down

    My 1 year old cat has been having tremors periodically for about 2 weeks (or at least that's when I started noticing it). It started just a little bit in her hind legs, which I wasn't super concerned about but definitely kept an eye on. All of the sudden now it is throughout her whole body. Every time she lies down it happens, starting in her hind legs and moving to the rest of her body. Her muscles either contract and relax continuously or she just shakes, it almost looks as if it is in sync with her breathing. She can't really rest because it bothers her so much so she is really tired.
    I have read countless possible diagnosis', and I am planning to take her to the vet as soon as possible, but hearing that she may have kidney failure or something like that scares me. Has anyone else's cat ever experienced something like this? Did you get a diagnosis or did it just go away?