• 6 months ago

    Can I teach an old dog new tricks?

    I have the most abdorable, sweetest, loving, loyal, productive foster son, and companion in my 12 year old terrier mix. His previous owner paid him no mind and didn't train him at all. We have overcome any agression he had as well as begging, crying, and we are working on barking. The biggest problem is that he believes he can poop and pee wherever and whenever he feels IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! We let him out regularly and are monitoring his food intake. So far nothing we do is working. Does anyone have any suggestions ?!?!?!?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Can I teach an old dog new tricks?

    This is a hard one. I have adopted older dogs and it can be very difficult, especially house breaking. Have you tried crate training at all? It can help to have them in a small space where they see it as their home, and they won't go in there. Then by using treats and positive reinforcement you can start to control when and where he goes more and reward him for good behavior. There should be a lot of information online on the best ways to do it. Good luck!
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Can I teach an old dog new tricks?

    Have you tried piddle pads. Put them where he goes and eventually he will get use to going in one spot and then you can teach him to go outside. It sounds like he was kept outside most of his life and has not idea that going in the house would even be wrong. Good Luck!