• 11 months ago

    Dog paranoia, My dogs acting extremly weird

    Hi I need some help, I have a 1 year old min pin mix and have been with her since she was 5 weeks old. We have never had any sort of problem with her what so ever, but in the past week she started with what seems like a paranoia type situation but im not sure please help. She will not stay in our apartment wich is connected to my grandmas house, and she has lived her whole life but she will go up to my grandmas part of the house and be just fine. Its baffeling me because when i do get her to come in to our apartment she shakes and looks around and trys to break out of my arms while freaking out. She wants to dart straight back out the doggy door and back under the dog house in a hole she dug. If anyone wants more info please ask i need to find out whats wrong. Please help me i hate seeing my baby like this.