• 10 months ago

    Cat spraying urine

    Our are cat is 11 years old and is neutered and is the only pet we have in the house. For the last two weeks he has started standing in his litter box which is in the basement up against the concrete wall and he will pee a little bit in the litter box but then actually stand up and spray the wall behind him. How do we get him to stop?


  • 10 months ago

    RE: Cat spraying urine

    Hi jle83,

    You probably don't want to hear this ... but your cat really needs to see a vet if he hasn't recently. An 11 yr old cat is a "senior" and there are possible health issues that need to be ruled out ... e.g. kidney disease, etc.

    One possibility may be that he has developed some arthritis which makes squatting to pee painful ... so he stands up straighter and hits the wall. There are some things that can be given to relieve arthritis pain, or reduce it ... like Cosequin (i.e. glucosamine and condroitin) or Dasoquin ... or something like accupuncture, (or some pain meds) etc.

    But since he is attempting to use the litterbox ... it may be that the easiest thing is not to change him but to accomodate him ... e.g. getting a high-sided litterbox ... or making one from a large plastic storage container. But you want to make sure that there are not other health issues first.

    Also, if he is getting arthritis as he ages (which is more common in cats than most people realize ... cats don't usually limp from arthritis pain, but may start to hesitate or simply stop making high jumps, etc) ... you may want to put a litterbox or two on the ground or upper levels of your home. I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment and have 3 litterboxes for my one cat ... and it is possible to place them where they are not that noticeable. Whether arthritis is the problem now ... or if it may become a problem as your cat ages ... going down to the basement may become more painful ... and result in his looking for a place to pee/poop on upper floors. Just as we make accommodations as we, humans, age ... we also need to do the same for our aging pets.

    If he is truly "spraying" rather than just not wanting to squat to pee ... then you may want to look for reasons. It is generally a sign of insecurity. Perhaps there is a cat outside that has him upset ... or any new change in your environment or stress in the household. Since he seems to start to pee normally in the litterbox and then stands up to "spray" ... it sounds more like he is physically uncomfortable when he squats ... rather than spraying as a means of marking territory ... which he would likely do outside the litterbox.

    Hope things work out for you.
  • 9 months ago

    RE: Cat spraying urine

    Take your cat to the vet. This is usually a sign of crystals in the bladder or some other physiological problem.