• 10 months ago

    Aggression in dog after heartworm treatment

    We rescued a dog that was heartworm positive back in May. We live in the suburbs with a lot of children in the neighborhood and with 3 children of our own we needed a dog that was good with children. We were told he was great with children and other dogs and he had no biting history. When we brought him home he was great with all of our kids and the neighborhood kids. He honestly loved all the kids and never showed any aggressive behavior. When we took him in a month later for his first round of injections at the beginning of June his behavior changed. He is still great with our family and our kids, but he has turned full aggressive towards the neighborhood kids and most recently has lunged towards them. Thankfully because of his limited activity we constantly have our eye on him, but given our lifestyle we can't have a dog that shows this kind of aggression. I called the vet to which they told us it could be the prednisone that he is on. Has anyone had these issues with prednisone and if so did the behavior last after the treatment? Also any suggestions on how to handle this behavior?