• 3 days ago

    Grieving or sick Dog?? Help!

    hi i have a 10 year old yorkiepoo, her 6 year old daughter passed away a month ago. ever since then she has not been eating and drinking very little water. She acts like she's scared of food. she will get close to her plate maybe take on kibble and run away scared. I offer her chicken and she turns away and tries to get as far away. she will randomly (when she's walking, when she's laying down, when she's on my lap, etc.) lets out a cry like something has poked her and runs off. she hides under the bed and stays there all day. this behavior has been going on for a month. she's been to the vet twice and blood work has been done. Organ function is normal, and no heart worms. Is she just grieving, or could it be something else??? Vets admit its a mystery there is no signs of infections.