• Night Episodes

    My dog, who sleeps in bed with me, had an episode during her sleep about 3 weeks ago, and again last night.

    The first one, I woke up to her screaming/screeching like she was hurt. She remained asleep and wet the bed. Even after that, she was still asleep.

    She had another one last night. Something woke me up before the episode, so I was watching her. It began with her front legs flailing like she was running (still laying on her side). Then the screaming. The screaming kills me. It sounds like she was hit by a car. She did not wet the bed this time but stayed asleep again.

    Is she having a bad dream or a seizure? She is 13 and will be 14 on December 1st. Went blind in one eye in January, and is now clinically deaf.

    Please help me figure out what is going on with my baby.