• 7 months ago

    Dog urinating in bed

    Our 9 year old schnoodle has urinated 3x the past six months while she was "resting" during the day on our bed. She has minor bladder stones (not worthy of removal). Infection ruled out. She can normally hold her bladder easily for 8-10 hours, and never has accidents at night when she sleeps on our bed. Doesn't appear to be behavorial? Along with vets, we can't identify any other signs of incontinence. She is chewing occasionally at her vulva area. No infection found however. Any hints/insights appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Dog urinating in bed

    Hi There....I don't know where you live but if you can get the Micro Soft Silken Tofu at your supermarket get that and give her about a level tablespoon of it in her breakfast and dinner (twice daily) and see how that goes. I'd love to hear from you if it fixes the problem. It works on my girl. You will see an instant improvement say like within hours/overnight. Hope this helps your girl.
  • RE: Dog urinating in bed

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