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  • 2 days ago

    Dog unable to jump on furniture and screams when side is touched.

    My Boston terrier is screaming when we touch her right side she screams. She’s also not able to jump up on the furniture. Could it be a pulled muscle? If not, what else could it be?
  • 3 days ago

    our dog Molly

    Molly was an 9yr old ***-a-poo & was diagnosed with Cushing's & a heart murmur after tests about 4 wks ago, we lost her on the 5th wk after starting her (9 yr ) Vet's med's (Vetmedin & Trilostane for the heart. The vet gave no indication that she was that ill or things to watch for! he always said she needed to loose weight, with her pot belly, We know we did not over feed her and he never said her pot belly was sign of Cushing's. If he new about Cushing's he should....
  • 5 days ago

    7 month old puppy

    We have a 7 month old lab/beagle mix that chewed an electrical cord that was plugged up and got shocked and got the corner of her mouth burned, was swollen but has gone down now, but is raw and has an odor can we clean it with 3% hydrogen peroxide and put a dab of neosporin on it? She doesn't act like it is bothering her, it's just the odor.
  • Help! What is this on my dog’s penis?!

    IMG_4040.JPG It’s almost like a pimple or sore/abscess. It contained puss and is very inflamed.
  • 9 days ago

    Topical on dog not working

    I've used a topical flea solution on my dog for four years. Now it's not working. Any ideas?
  • 10 days ago

    Male GSD licks other dog penis and mounts dog

    My 4 YR GSD seems to have an inordinate fondness for pee. He will sniff and then lick a pee spot until all the pee is gone if I let him. When we go to the dog park, he goes right for the other dog's penises and starts licking them. Invariably he gets all excited and tries to mount another dog after licking the dogs penis. A good bit of you are laughing right now but I wish this were a joke. He usually will focus on one dog and will try to mount the dog until either the other dog leaves or if....
  • 18 days ago

    dry flakes - cant stop scratching - white flakes like dandruff

    my little doggie has been scratching and scratching and I noticed she has now dry flaky skin almost like an extreme case of human dandruff - with white coloured flakes coming off my sofa if he has just been sitting there I feel sorry for him and not sure what to wash him with- what could be the problem - do dogs have allergies?
  • Looking for 2nd opinion on dog: Metronidazole

    Has anyone had experience with Metronidazole for dogs? My dog had some liver issues (high numbers) which were making him unable to keep any food or water down. He has been on Cerania (1/4 tablet a day), Denamarin (1 tablet a day) and Metronidazole (1/2 tablet twice a day) for about 10 days. He seems to be doing slightly better but still seems to throw up just a little bit from time to time. Its not much but just a little bit of water, canned dog food and something white. I am concerned that its the....