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  • 2 days ago

    Why is my cat looking for something that is not there?

    My cat has recently been staring at areas, or acting as if he is looking at something that is not there. I've searched where he is staring at and there is nothing. It is not limited to one certain area. His eating habits have not changed. I did not sleep much last night as he was just sitting there staring at the back door, or other areas. Very unusual. He is 14 years old.
  • 2 days ago

    Puppy vision issue

    I have an "opps" puppy born from a CH Belgian Malinois *** and CH Rottweiler. Sire is 10y/o and *** is 5. Might have been bred through bars on dog kennel. *** daily fed Raw meat diet for PM meal. Puppy born w/o issue, but at 1 month seems to be either partially blind or visually impaired, loving, energetic, sweet. Question: Being experienced in canine visual issues what is earliest I can have his eyes examined, and do you think raw meat, age of parents, or ? could be the cause? I am an....
  • 3 days ago

    Diminished Appetite and Crumbled Treats

    Last year, our 9 year old Shih Tzu lost his appetite and about three pounds in less than two months. He went from over 14 lbs to 11 lbs. Our Vet claimed our dog had an inflamed stomach. However, he could not explain why suddenly the dog would crumble dog treats that he has eaten for years. That is he will take a treat and break it up into small pieces in his mouth while letting the pieces fall to the floor. These are dog treats like Milk-Bone Biscuits, MaroSnacks, Pup-Peronis, and a few others. I....
  • My Shih Tzu is not eating

    So I recently got a shih tzu from a friend who could no longer take care of her due to the dog's mother needing more attention the older she gets. I got her three days ago. On day 1, she barely ate, maybe like three pieces of her food. Day 2, she ate more. Day 3, we assume she didn't eat because her bowl was full. Today is day 4, after coming back home from dropping my little sister off at school right now, I noticed she threw up yellow foam. I checked online, and it said it's because....
  • 3 days ago

    Cat losing patches of hair

    My cat is losing oatches of hair. I looked up mange but it doesnt look like anything I saw... What is it?
  • 5 days ago

    Skin issues on Doxi.

    Skin issues on Doxi not sure what else I was curious if there is anyone else out there that their little one has major skin issues and what have you tried. I got my little gal from the pound in 2016. She is 4 years old. Beautiful long hair mini. She has always had some sort of scratching and had her on allergy meds. In January it got worse I have been to the vet every other week. Her skin is so dry and flaky she looks like she is about 100 years old. She is loosing her hair. So much she is constantly....
  • 6 days ago

    My puppy dragging her legs

    My puppy, Karma is about three and a half months old, came home 2 days ago and she started dragging her hind legs now she's belly crawling. Her legs move, her tail wags, and she doesn't act in pain. Her parents: Sire is APBT and Dam is boxer pit mix and they're also my fur babies. She's tries to stand and walk but ends up dragging her legs or belly crawling instead. Not sure why or how this just happened and can't afford to take her to the vet right now.
  • 6 days ago

    11-year-old. Beagle mix black tumor like bump on her back

    11-year-old. Beagle mix black tumor like bump on her back
  • 9 days ago

    My Dog Has Puffy Eyelid

    I have a Chihuahua who is about 3 years old and her bottom left eyelid is puffy and watering a lot. She is not rubbing it or showing any signs that it is irratating her. Also, she does have allergies and sneezes a lot, so I am thinking that may be the cause of her eye problem. Other than the eye issue she is perfectly healthy, her appetite Is good and she has plenty of energy. Is their anything I can do to treat this problem at home at home as money is tight right now and I don't want to schedule....
  • 10 days ago

    Cat poops on carpet.

    My cat has a habit of pooping on the carpet from time to time. It drives my family crazy and I've been trying all I can to make sure it doesn't happen. I've moved her food that used to be in the same room as the liter box to another part of the house (this seemed to be working until today...) and i scoop her litter box every two days. She's 12 years old so i'm worried its because of her age or an underlying health problem. But she used to do this as a younger cat too to the point....