• 6 months ago

    Becoming a father and family man again at 56

    I have 7 kids and just had my 8th. They range in age from 34 to a month old. I also have a couple of grandkids. After my second divorce, I dated and fooled around with usually women younger than me for a decade and it resulted in 3 kids with 3 different women. The last one was 2 years ago, I had a baby with a 20 year intern from work. That relationship didn't obviously work out, but I see my daughter every week and pay child support, but its just not the same thing. My ex (her mom), lives with family and wants to keep it this way until she's older.

    Last year, I met a woman who had just moved back to the area and was working at my job as a research chemist. I, a manager in Human Resources, we hit it off and began dating. Yes, another workplace romance with a younger woman (55 to 28).

    My kids liked her, my oldest daughter and her are FB friends, so it all seems to be working out. Rita did get pregnant and we just welcomed our daughter last month.

    Yes, a dad again at 56 and this time I want to be married and be a family man. MY biggest concern is my age and health. If we have more kids, will I be able to keep up with them like I could in my 30s? I feel very out of season for all of this. Will my health issues get in the way? I have about 30 lbs of belly to lose, which I started working on 1/2 way through Rita's pregnancy, only lost 10 so far and it has been a struggle. Also on meds for blood pressure and diabetes. But my most debilitating health issue has been kidney stones. I've been passing stones for over 20 years and the count total is up to 24 passed, 3 surgically removed, 2 lithotripsies and 3 stents. I passed 2 stones prior to Rita getting pregnant and since I started exercising trying to lose the belly weight, I haven't passed any and now drink a gallon of water per day and zero coffee. I couldn't ever truly give up the coffee until a few months ago.

    We're suppose to get married in the fall and I want to make sure im doing the right thing and if I can handle of all this. It certainly isn't normal.