• 6 months ago

    3 yr old boy with ADHD

    What are some ideas that worked for parents in same situation as me that is not med? My son is really bad at babysitters to point of making the sitter cry and not keep him anymore... What can I tell them to do to make it better for both of them. ??


  • 5 months ago

    RE: 3 yr old boy with ADHD

    Hi, my son today is 11. I did not want to give him meds and was against it. Today I can see that this did not helped my son. He is on medication since his 4th grade (3 years) and I can see the difference. It did not changed his personality, but helped him focus and control some of his impulses. His behavior pushed away friends and he started being bullied on 4th grade. He became depressed and told a friend that he wanted to die. On that day I took him to a doctor and since that day my happy boy came back to me. Medication, done by a responsible doctor helps the child and others around him. He need counseling and so does the parents. the counselor helps us.