• 18 days ago

    Parents, I have a question about referrals

    A little bit of background, my son is 2 and has always had a big head. It runs in our families. The doctors asked if it was common in our families because they were worried about fluid on the brain. After we explained that it was common they didn't seem to be worried. There's a doctor which we never had to see but they were suggested by the NICU after he was born. They didn't seem concerned about fluid on the brain either, until this last visit. I get the feeling that this doctor is covering their behind. They convinced my wife that there's a possibility that he might have fluid on the brain and that they need to do an MRI just to be sure. MRIs are expensive and my wife and I just don't have the money but my wife was anxious and obviously we want what's best for our son. So the doctor sent a referral to get an MRI. My wife is now convinced that if we don't get this MRI the doctor is going to call CPS and have our son taken away due to medical neglect. My question is, if a doctor makes a referral to a specialist are you required to go?