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    Parental Help With Drug Slangs/References.

    Hi. I am a wife and parent that discovered a text message that I am guessing is some sort of drug reference. This message was found on my spouse's phone. The text was referring to "they were not feeling too good and if could come off of a 10 or 20." What does this mean? What drug reference? Opioids? If opioids,Could it be referring to any other drugs as well? PLEASE HELP. I need to educate and know all the lingos and slangs from any teen to adults. Thank you...A Concerned Wife and Mother.


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    RE: Parental Help With Drug Slangs/References.

    Hello, usually 10 or 20s is the amount that they are buying. However, it can mean something different. I don't know if is about your spouse or any teen but it will be great bringing it to a conversation about the consequences of the usage of drugs. Watching together a documentary or a movie based on true story about drugs can be the good start to starting to talk about drugs. Good Luck! :-)
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    Hello. I am a mother to a one year old so although im not yet to the wonderful teen years, i can tell you that in my younger years i was Addicted to pain meds horribly after a surgery for endometriosis. Thankfully, i beat that horrid part of my life and have been clean for almost 10 years, im only saying this bc i want you to know i know a little about the topic.

    So, first off, here is why i think they are speaking about opiates. Coming off them is the worst feeling you cant even imagine..im not joking when i say it feels like youre knocking on deaths door and the more you take a day the worse it is to kick the habit. There are no other drugs that would cause someone to not feel well and then refer to asking for a 10 or a 20. Most common pain meds, I.E: ,vicodin, percocet etc. Come in 5 ,7.5, 10, and percocets can come in 20 mg. They will be called roxies. The only other thing that comes in 20mg is oxycontin. That percocet on steroids. Heroin users used to melt that down shoot up bc its chemical makeup was near identical to that of heroin.

    No one would ask for weed being sick, same with coke, meth, etc.
    .maybe xanax but those dont come in the strengths implied.

    Some signs to watch for if they are "dope sick" agitated, sweaty,but also saying they are cold, very dialated pupils, sneezing a lot. Weird i know but anyone knows when someone is coming off bc of the awful runny nose and insane amount of sneezing. Also if they are throwing up, mostly they will try and cover themselves saying its the flu. If you notice these things. Keep track of when and how often its happening. If you need anymore help you can email me directly. I wish I didn't know about this stuff but it was a brief moment in my life and all i cam do now is help others not go down that dark path bc not many come out . Sending you lots of love and prayers. My email is [email protected], let me know anytime you need anything. Lots of luck!