• 1 month ago


    I have had concerns about my 2.5 year old step son for several months now. Although he has improved in some areas, I feel he his showing several signs of autistic behavior such as: very little speech (can say maybe 10 words - colors, bye, ball - consistently, but pronouciation is extremely limited). He makes a lot of sounds with his mouth closed. He has little understanding of words & commands - as if he doesn’t understand what your saying and seems uninterested. If he wants something, he will grab your hand to try to take you to what he wants. He shows excessive jumping & hand flapping when excited, a new fear of loud noises, easily upset and responds with repetitive hitting, likes to carry around as many toys or crayons that he can possibly handle. He plays with toys maybe 50% of the time, but otherwise likes to throw them constantly. With that being said, he is now making better eye contact and seems more interactive than 6 months ago. He does engage and is playing with toys appropriately more often. He knows most of his colors well but has trouble pronouncing them. He is also an extremely picky eater and prefers to use hands vs. utensils. Unfortunately, his father and mother are very resistant to an autism screening and think he will just grow out of these delays. I would love some objective thoughts on this.