• 6 months ago

    I got twins and dad wants them to be adopted.

    When I got pregnant before I turned 20, my dad was very furious. I understand that he was disappointed because no parent would be happy knowing their daughter just got pregnant and must drop out of school. He accepted it eventually and I was glad he did. Throughout my pregnancy, I was happy knowing daddy is on my side. Though my rude boyfriend didn’t took the responsibility, my dad was always there for me. Yet, I did not expect he was able to think ill of my babies. Two days ago, I delivered the two most precious little angels out of my womb. Both are girls who just happened to look like me. I fell into a deep slumber after the labor but I managed to look at them first. I was so excited to touch them when I wake up. However, my dad’s serious face welcomed my eyes. I told him I want to see my twins but he shook his head. He said my babies will be adopted by a foreign man who is one of the shareholders of his company and that I must go back to school to achieve my goals. Before he finished his speech, I was already crying and fuming mad inside. I know my dad; it is always what he wants over my happiness. I don’t know what to do now.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: I got twins and dad wants them to be adopted.

    Your Bio says your in the US. Your father has no rights to give your babies away. You have full parental rights and the decision is yours. So if this story is true (and I doubt it - no hospital in the US would allow it) you should go directly to the police because your babies have been kdnapped.