• 18 days ago

    Head shape concern

    My 2 yr old has bid head since birth.she had cone shaped head as I was pushing for long time during labour and delivery.but I don see her head shape turned to b normal. She has flat spots at both sides and I notice front forehead also protruding.kindly help


  • 11 days ago

    RE: Head shape concern

    Sometimes newborn’s heads can be irregular right after birth. Because your baby’s now 2 years, she should be evaluated by a Pediatrician right away.
  • 10 days ago

    RE: Head shape concern

    My baby boy born normal, but all doctor wanted to go for C-Section because of my condition was too bad. My water broke without having pain. And i had to call 911 to get the ambulance. When i reach there mine cervix is not even dilated 3 CM. Doctor wanted for surgery. But i wanted to go for normal that is the big mistake i ever made. They gave me medication for having contractions pain. It 24 hours pain and after few i was surrender to the nurses that i can not continue with this pain anymore. I had to go for epidural injection. And my half body was kind of numb. Plus i had high fever. For that reason doctor had to give the medication in the IV. After 24 hours the main pain started. I will never fotget the moment. Even though i chose normal delivery. Doctor had to cut deep my vaginal to get out the baby. My baby did not have any movment or breathing at that moment. After 2 and half minutes try he start breath. And start moving. And he was in the NICU for little bit long.
    I recommend if any early delivery happend it will be better to go for c-section.
  • 4 days ago

    RE: Head shape concern

    My son had an oddly shaped head at 18 months. He was a head banger. On the advice of my chiropractor, I took him to a cranial sacral therapist. She moved his head plates to normal. She uses the fascia and makes it release to be able to move it. She just uses her hands. I’ve gone to her as well. After the first session with my son I had the thought, “girls will be okay dating him now.”