• over 1 year ago

    femur break

    i am beyond mad!! i’m not sure what happened but if you suspect a child is hurt when you’re watching him, tell the parents!! my son was being ‘watched ‘ by his normal sitter. she has a new baby. i don’t know if she’s overwhelmed & pulled his leg, fell asleep cause she was tired, what happened, but when his dad picked him up he was laying in the hallway screaming & didn’t run to the door as usual. she had to pick him up & hand him to him & sent him on his way. he had a broken femur. legally, what can i do when there’s no proof of what happened? he can’t tell us!! help!! her lawyers saying the bone could have separated later. he got there, played inside, went outside to play, took a nap, & she said woke up from his nap crabby. we did his normal routine of sesame street, teeth, topped off his milk, & left. he was fine & then he wasn’t. SHE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN HE WAS HURT!! maybe not the extent but something. I AM IN NO WAY LOOKING FOR ANY FINANCIAL GAIN!! i want her to pay for making him suffer!! i have INCREDIBLE insurance, but i want her to pay for ALL his medical as punishment. i’d pay $1500, i want her to pay ALL OF THE $40,000+ for being so negligent. what can i do??