• over 1 year ago

    Is it autism or something else? OCD, adhd? Development pediatrician app is a month away. Worried sick over speech delayed son.

    3 year old has joint attention, great eye contact, responds to name, has gestures and points, listens to directions, doesn’t seem to be in his own little world, has friends and responds to others emotions. Doesn’t repeat words over and over, initiates play with other children, shares toys with other children and does reciprocal play, checks to see others reactions, transitions easily, no social deficits, great sleeper, imitates gestures and verbally, no obsessive items. no inappropriate laughing or crying, no spinning objects, no lining up objects, likes to cuddle and give kisses, passed Mchat test, no rituals, no self injury, has a sense of humor, has about 70 words and can put 2 words together.
    -Occasionally rubs hands together and runs back and forth, twirls hair, rarely hand flaps and really enjoys cleaning his hands with baby wipes