• 8 months ago

    Elevated CPK level

    My son is now 2 years old, born premature on 34 week. Recently he had learn to sit up on his own. We were hoping he could crawl and stand up soon.

    He had a prolonged jaundice in 1st month (highest at 18.1mg/dl). Now a full blood screen result in CPK of 982U/L, doctor told us all others result were good.

    I am hoping the CPK level was just temporary elevated due to his fast heart rate and the way he cried and resists during the blood withdrawal process. As for now doctor had not confirm anything but only a reference letter to pediatrics neurologist, and it take weeks to get an appointment with the doctor.

    Please share if you have similar situation and everything turn out to be OK in the end.

    Apologise for the English I'm not very good at putting words and sentences in a proper way.