• 5 months ago

    Baby spasms whilst sleeping

    Hello All,

    Our 8 week old son twitches when sleeping.

    For the first few weeks it was very small twitches.

    More recently it has progressed to both arms and legs rapidly and fully extending and then relaxing around six or so times. This has happened around 3 or 4 times so far. A change in the ambient temperature seems to bring it on (we live in the middle east so transitioning from indoor AC to outdoor heat is quite a change).

    To date, twitching only happens during sleep and there has not been any twitching whilst awake / conscious.

    We have a general checkup arranged on Saturday to discuss with a health professional, however I am making this post after conducting my own online research which raises all sorts of possible conditions (Sleep myoclonus vs Infantile spasms / West's).

    Any advice appreciated, many thanks