• over 1 year ago

    Fever/Head Warm 8mth old

    New mom here; My baby boy is 8 1/2 months old, yes he has been teething. Yes I have been using Tylenol and Teething tablets... BUT last night and tonight, his forehead (temple to temple) temp has been 98.8 (normal) BUT the sides of his head, above the ears, felt much, much warmer.. I took his temp (digital therm) on the side of his head above the ears and it was 100.4. I know babies run warm and doc does not want to see him unless temp is 102.

    As a new mom, I need some advice and/or reassurance, because my baby's back and only above his ear area and all the way across his head to the other ear is hot..... he has two teeth already, and i know is teething but is this normal??? I am calling doc asap in morning but i would love some one on one experience and advice...

    Thank you,