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    6-9 month old test results.

    I had taken my son to the hospital on the 23rd because he was raspy sounding and kept coughing. They said he has a cold/upper respiratory infection. They stuck a tub down his throat and ear, when they got finished my baby screamed for 2 hours because some how he had a lot of gas in his stomach. I mean brutally screamed. He has never done that before and i was not sure how it happened. They said he has had it but he had pooped like a couple hours before we went to the hospital. I brought him to the doctors a couple days later to have his check up, they said he also had a double ear infection. I did everything i was told to because then my 2 year old had a cold and a right ear infection. I bought humidifier the medicine and pads for that. Vic's baby chest rub, saline, bugger sucker, De-dusted and cleaned the whole house. Me and my husband literally scrubbed everything. This is our kids. I brought my baby back last week because the hospital said 10 days and it was the 10th day. The normal doctor was not in so i saw this other doctor who did not even know my son was on amoxicillin for his ear infections. Said his ear infections were gone but he could still have a raspy to him. I said yeah i know that is why i am here i have done everything plus. She then prescribed him a new antibiotic an said to stop the amoxicillin. I have just received his test results from the hospital and i am not sure what it is saying.. Can someone help? No doctor is answering me, i just need a background.
    Here is a piece of it:
    IMPRESSION: Nonspecific bowel gas pattern with small bowel gas and few air-fluid levels that may represent mild illus or gastroenteritis. No definite evidence of obstruction.
    Sounds crazy and UN-normal to me!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP EXPLAIN.


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    RE: 6-9 month old test results.

    This result basically means nothing. "nonspecific" means they have no idea why its there. They said it may indicate those illnesses but that you need further testing to confirm. ER doctors are not there to fully diagnose your child and honestly this may have been a guess since they did not see your child as a life/death emergency. I would go to your primary and ask how to test for what they thought he might have.